Why On-Device?

  • Supercomputer In Your Pocket

    The cost of edge compute is finally at a point where deep neural networks can run efficiently on the device.

  • Predictable Cost Model

    Compared to other cloud-based vision providers who charge for every inference, Silk’s Embedded AI Service offers unlimited detections for a single, transparent fee.

  • Intelligence Even When Offline

    Slow or unstable Internet? Silk’s Embedded AI continues to function robustly even when your connection has dropped.

Why Deep Learning?

  • Resilient Cognition

    Deep learning has proven itself to be the best technique for image and audio recognition, easily adapting to changing environments, varying lighting conditions, and partial occlusions.

  • Always Improving

    Similar to how a human brain develops, deep learning models continue to learn and improve with every inference.

  • Hyper Innovation

    A thriving field of academic and corporate research, deep learning continues to push the boundaries of what is possible.


  • People Detection

    Accurately detect the presence of a person in a variety of environments.

    Whether it be in the home, outdoors, or in a store, Silk’s algorithms can detect a person under varying lighting conditions and occlusions.

  • Facial Recognition

    Silk’s algorithms can recognize specific faces without a clumsy enrollment or training process.

    A single image is enough to identify the same individual over time.

  • Object Detection

    Reliably identify any object using Silk’s deep learning-based algorithms.

    Leverage pre-trained models or use Silk’s tools to easily create your own object detection model.

  • Audio Detection

    Audio cues are often just as important as visual indicators.

    Silk’s algorithm can detect unique audio signals to understand when a specific sound is heard.

The Silk Advantage

SILK offers the most performant on-device deep learning engine on the market

Optimized for Mobile Chipset

Due to the vast smartphone supply chain, mobile and embedded chipsets offer the best performance per cost for years to come.

Industry-Leading Performance

Written from scratch to squeeze every ounce of performance from embedded SoCs, Silk’s AI engine offers the best-in-class on-device performance.

Latest academic research

Forward-looking architecture enables the latest advances in academia that can be quickly implemented and productized.

Full Learning Solution

A complete solution that captures learning moments to train new models that improves your product over time.


  • Sends Only Key Learning Moments

    Instead of sending a constant stream of video to the cloud for training, Silk’s advanced algorithms only capture key learning moments.

  • Sends Only Anonymized Data

    Protecting user privacy and data becomes even more critical when a continuous camera stream is involved. Rather than uploading raw data for training, Silk’s innovative learning service improves models using anonymized data that is not reversible back to the original content.

  • Privacy By Design

    Privacy and security is built into our company’s DNA. With every line of code we write and in every design decision we make, Silk takes great measures to ensure that user data on the Silk Intelligence Platform is fully protected at all times.