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    Artificial Intelligence
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    On the Edge
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Deep learning enables the best image and audio recognition solutions.

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An active area of research with fast advancing innovations.

Silk’s on-device DNN engine processes data locally, not in the cloud.

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Increases reliability, reduces network bandwidth, lowers cost, and maintains data privacy.

Intelligent connected devices that understand their environment.

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Solve everyday tasks that previously required human involvement.

About Silk

Using the latest advances in deep neural networks, we empower businesses to build the next generation of intelligent connected devices.

Powered by SILK

We bring next-generation visual and audio intelligence to connected products

Partners with Embedded Silicon Providers
Add Intelligence to Connected Products
Gets Smarter
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Custom-built, highly optimized engine for Embedded SoCs enabling seamless integration of Silk’s AI Platform with your product.

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Integrate Silk’s neural network-based solution to offer unique and practical use cases that can only happen at the edge.

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Silk’s AI Platform carefully selects data on-device to continuously improve our DNN models while preserving your users’ privacy.

The future of connected devices

Edge computing creates opportunities for new use cases that were previously not possible with cloud-based technology


By leveraging the latest advances in deep learning research, Silk offers state-of-the-art image and audio recognition

  • People Detection

    Accurately detect the presence of a person in a variety of environments. Whether it be in the home, outdoors, or in a store, Silk’s algorithms can detect a person under varying lighting conditions and occlusions.

    • Know where people are spending their time in a retail store
    • Detect when someone has entered your yard or front porch
    • Save power and storage by only recording when a person is seen
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  • Facial Recognition

    Silk’s algorithms can recognize specific faces without a clumsy enrollment or training process. A single image is enough to identify the same individual over time.

    • Add face recognition as part of multi-factor authentication for access control
    • Recognize who’s coming home without training on specific faces
    • Instantly search cameras at a shopping mall to find your missing child
    • Be alerted when someone else attempts to gain access to your vehicle
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  • Object Detection

    Reliably identify any object using Silk’s deep learning-based algorithms. Leverage pre-trained models or use Silk’s tools to easily create your own object detection model.

    • Know when your dog is misbehaving and has jumped onto your couch
    • Count the vehicles that have entered a parking lot
    • Create custom models for your specific application
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  • Audio Detection

    Audio cues are often just as important as visual indicators. Silk’s algorithm can detect unique audio signals to understand when a specific sound is heard.

    • Detect when your baby is crying to trigger a lullaby
    • Recognize when someone has broken a glass window in your store or home
    • Know when people are yelling to be alerted of commotion
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